Trainee, Espoo Marketing’s Innovation team

We are looking for a business or marketing student for a trainee position starting in early 2019. We are looking for a trainee for a period of no less than three months, but we favour a longer period (4-6 months).

Our job is to attract companies, investors and visitors to Espoo and help players succeed in Espoo Innovation Garden – the largest innovation hub in Northern Europe.

We work daily with local startups and international corporations. Espoo Marketing’s role is to be a growth orchestrator in the local ecosystem. We focus on supporting our clients and working together. We are located in Otaniemi. Espoo Marketing Oy is a marketing company that is 100% owned by the City of Espoo.   

We offer you the chance to get insights into innovation ecosystem orchestration. You will get valuable working experience, broaden your personal networks, get a close perspective on how marketing is done on a city level as well as learn about Invest In work and business development. You get to work with forerunners in a fascinating, fast-paced working environment where each day is unlike the last. In our team, you are building Finland’s future and get to meet the best Finnish startups, growth companies, international corporations and top experts.

Your tasks as trainee include:

  • Working with local company and key client data: doing research and analysis

  • Finding success stories and information from the ecosystem and creating key data figures from your findings

  • With the team, creating fact-based content to be used in sales and marketing materials

  • Participating in startup screening and Invest In projects

  • Taking part in organising networking events

Please note that this position must be connected to you studies and you need to get study points from the trainee period. This is an unpaid trainee position, but a lunch benefit is included.

Get more information and send applications with CV to

Read more about Espoo Innovation Garden: / / (Espoo Marketing’s EU project, 2018)

Espoo Marketing Oy
Required language skill for the job
Work type
Finanssi- ja talousasiantuntijan koulutus, tradenomi (AMK), Johdon assistenttityön ja kielten koulutus, tradenomi (AMK), Journalismikoulutus, medianomi (AMK), Liiketalouden koulutus, tradenomi (AMK), Matkailun koulutus, restonomi (AMK), Matkailun liikkeenjohdon koulutus, restonomi (AMK), Myyntityön koulutus, tradenomi (AMK), Myynnin ja visuaalisen markkinoinnin koulutus, tradenomi (AMK), International Business, Helsinki, International Sales and Marketing, Porvoo, International Business, evening studies, Business Information Technology, Hospitality, Tourism and Experience management, Sports and Leisure Management, Palveluliiketoiminnan johtamisen koulutus, restonomi (ylempi amk), Liiketoiminnan kehittämisen koulutus, tradenomi (ylempi amk), Liikunta-alan kehittämisen ja johtamisen koulutus, liikunnanohjaaja (ylempi amk), Communication Management, International Business Management, Tourism